Emme Menopause

What are hormones and why are they so important?

Each part of your body from your brain to your heart, your skin, your muscles, kidneys and liver, they have a specific job. In turn they also take direction from your endocrine system to get the work done.

The glands of the endocrine system send out hormones with each telling each part of your body what needs to be done and work it has to do, when to do it, and for how long. Hormones are just vital for your wellbeing and general health

Hormones are your body’s messengers, travelling through your bloodstream to organs and tissues to help them do their work. They work slowly, over time, and affect many different processes, including:

  • Metabolism
  • Sexual function
  • Reproduction
  • Mood

During the perimenopause and menopause, hormones get out of balance

Your hormones getting out of sync can lead to health issues such as diabetes, weight gain or loss, infertility, weak bones, and other problems too.

If feel you may have a hormone-related condition and experiencing symptoms that you are finding hard to cope with, the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor or an endocrinologist, a specialist in hormones, who will help you get your body back in balance.

Learn more about perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms here

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