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Melanie Brown, nutritionist

Melanie Brown specialises in pre conceptual and pregnancy nutrition, including weight loss (and gain) and immune issues. She was the Senior Nutritional Therapist at London’s prestigious fertility and pregnancy Zita West Clinic, designing the nutrition programme for the clinic for over 10 years before setting up her own consultancy in 2011.

Melanie writes regularly for the Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine as nutritionist for the Health Q&A page. She also contributes to stories about food for the BBC on diverse subjects such as the banning of Marmite in Denmark to calorie counting in Michelin starred restaurants.

Melanie has access to the most up to date evidence-based information, gained through her current studies for her Masters Degree, that is so invaluable for her clients.

Above all, Melanie is not a hard core kill joy; she enjoys wine, chocolate, roast potatoes and croissants. She wants client to feel that they are adding good things to their diet, not taking them away and generally making life a misery! She believes that by giving clients a rationale, so they can understand why some things are not so great for you, this makes it much easier to adapt to new, healthier habits. To view more

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