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Happier and healthier at 56 than 30? Elle Macpherson thinks so!

What would make you happier? Wealth? Health? Freedom? According to Elle Macpherson, caring for our bodies in the right way is the secret to feeling happier and healthier

And now the famous supermodel is in her 50s, she has the right level of life experience to be fairly knowledgeable on the subject!

Speaking to Red magazine last summer, she spoke about her way of life and what she’s learned about life in order to be fulfilled.

Elle, now 56 years old, told the magazine that right now is the time in her life when she feels most “unified”. She spoke about balancing her inner and outer beauty as the way to achieve this self-unification.

Having spent her 30s and 40s “surviving on three hours sleep and coffee” she admits that she didn’t feel great. Even though the world was looking at her thinking she looks great! But now she says, she’s “accumulated a great deal of wisdom” and has learned from her hectic past.

The supermodel and entrepreneur now lives in Florida with her two sons, Flynn who is 22 years old, and Cy, who’s 17

She swims most days and practices regular meditation, and spends a lot of time overseeing WelleCo, the wellness brand that she co-founded to help people transform their lives with high quality supplements.

Admitting that “genetics only gets you so far”, she told Red magazine she takes WelleCo supplements every day. “By the time you reach 50, you realise it’s all about caring for your body and your levels of vitality, so you can do the things you want to do”.

Despite looking after her health, Elle says that she’s not concerned about getting older and ageing

She says that she believes that real beauty is soul deep, not skin deep, describing it as “a way of being and living” and that she no longer feels the pressure to look a certain way.

“Without ageing, I could never have the gift of being a mother to two grown young men. Our relationship has evolved as they’ve grown and I learn a lot from them.”

Knowing the way she lived life in her younger years no longer works for her, she has a better understanding of her needs now

Even in her years when everyone thought she looked great, she says that made her feel demoralised. “I didn’t have a sense of vitality, I felt unlike myself, sort of fragmented”.

Well Elle, we think feeling unified in your inner and outer beauty is a great place to be, and long may it continue!

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