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How to boost your mood – for free!

How is your mood today? If you’re feeling a little bit, well, January, then we hear you.

Blue Monday might have passed, but January, with its short days, long nights, cold weather everlasting days until payday, can leave us feeling a bit under par.

But there are things we can do to help lift our spirits a little, and thankfully, they won’t cost us a penny (well, one or two of them might cost us the price of a coffee or a postage stamp).

Here’s our mood boosting tips that are perfect for this time of year…

  1. Have a laugh! Laughing can help to relieve tension and worry, for example before a big event that we’re nervous about, or if we’re feeling a bit fed up. Put on your favourite comedy, look up funny animal videos online, call up your funniest friend or organise a night to a comedy club.
  2. Hug it out. A close embrace with a loved one triggers the release of our love hormone oxytocin, which makes us feel warm and loved whilst also feeling less stressed. The same can even be said for hugging ourselves… Believe it or not, wrapping our arms around ourselves can have the same effect, as well as improve our self-kindness.
  3. Be kind, randomly. Random acts of kindness, such as paying it forward in the coffee shop (so that the next person in the queue has a free coffee, paid for by you), telling your shopkeeper how much you appreciate them or offering our free time to a community project can help us feel instantly better, by putting a smile on someone else’s face.
  4. Write a letter. We fully advocate bringing back the art of letter writing. It could be to someone you haven’t seen in a while, to surprise someone or to someone you might have fallen out with. Either way, saying hello, how are you, in a letter can give you a warm, fuzzy feelings and who knows, you might get some snail mail back!
  5. Crank up the music. Whatever your favourite music is, turn it on and immerse yourself in the sounds. Music can accompany us as we walk, drive to work, exercise, do the housework or simply chill. Take it back to when you were younger or discover something new – the choice is yours, you’re the DJ after all.
  6. Get back to nature. Going for a nature walk, where we take in the sights, sounds and smells of all that’s going on around us can be incredibly beneficial to our moods. Take it all in, even if you’re in an urban setting there’ll still be nature peeking through the cracks in all its glory. We just have to find it.

If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, or you feel like you’re not coping, it’s important to speak to someone

This could be a friend or loved one, your manager or HR person or a medical professional, but speaking up and seeking help is the first step in allowing yourself to feel better.

We’re also here for you! Why not get in touch with one of our fantastic experts who are here to guide and support you by getting in touch here

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